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 Hybrid 3.0 – Next generation of synthesis



The ultimate soundmachine including wavetables, sequencer with MIDI import, multi-filter with drive section and plenty of room for modulations.

Worth: 150 $

Hybrid 3 in action –

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Clearly structured surface, which contains on the first page all elements for sounddesign.



2 filters offer 23 types, from high and low pass models to bandpass and reject to phase shifter types.


The repertoire includes not only a compressor but also numerous reverbs, delays, phasers, flangers, distorted filters and much more.

Vacuum Pro – Rebuild the coveted analog sound of the 70s & 80s!

The polyphonic analog synthesizer with tube circuit that perfectly captures the crisp, warm sound of the analog era.


Xpand!2 – für alle, die den feinsten Sound suchen!

For a long time exclusively for the ProTools platform, the XXL sound preserve Xpand! 2 is finally also available as AudioUnit and VST plug-in.

Worth: 100 $

Xpand!2 in action –

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Sounds Galore

Specially designed for you by experts in sound design. Discover the new controls, extra gigabytes of sounds and much more!


Discover the four active sound slots or parts per pad as well as the mono and polyphonic settings of Xpand!2


6 intelligent controls make it easy to customize your Xpand! 2 sounds. Maintain control over all sound elements!

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